NEWS – Innovative GP Cloud Platform Takes Home Prestigious Virtual Care Award at 2024 HSJ Awards

Innovative GP Cloud Platform Takes Home Prestigious Virtual Care Award at 2024 HSJ Awards

26th March 2024, Plymouth, Devon

Devon-based shared services provider, Delt, is excited to announce that its GP in the Cloud (GPitC) platform, developed with partners NHS Devon, Integy, and NASGP (National Association of Sessional GPs), has been officially named as the “Gold” winner in the ‘Virtual Care Project of the Year’ category at the HSJ Partnership Awards 2024, in recognition of an outstanding dedication to improving healthcare and effective collaboration with the NHS.

The same team also won a Silver Award in the very competitive ‘Best Healthcare Provider Partnership with the NHS’ award. The gala ceremony, held at Evolution London in Battersea Park on Thursday 21st March 2024, saw the project team praised for their innovative approach to revolutionising virtual care services.

In presenting GP in the Cloud the Virtual Care Award, judges praised the project team for “working together to set up and deliver a service that enables safe, effective virtual care.”

“It (GP in the Cloud) involved patients in the care plan, equipping them to contribute to their own recovery, and has potential to scale up to meet future care demands.”

The GPitC platform emerged as a response to the GP shortage in Devon, addressing a pivotal challenge in digital primary care innovation. During the Covid-19 pandemic, online consultations transformed GP services, but limitations persisted due to system constraints. To overcome this, Delt collaborated with NHS Devon, cloud computing experts Integy, and the National Association of Sessional GPs (NASGP) to create ‘GP in the Cloud’. This technology enables GPs from anywhere in the UK to conduct consultations remotely, enhancing patient access and practice flexibility.

Thirty-four Devon practices participated in the pilot project, successfully embedding GP in the Cloud. By the end of 2022, it became the standard model across the Devon ICB footprint, delivering thousands of additional clinical hours and cost savings.

Recognising its success, NHS England sought Devon ICB’s blueprint for regional and national rollout, positioning GP in the Cloud for future nationwide availability.

Commenting on the recent win, Dr John McCormick, Chief Clinical Information Officer for Devon ICB, said: “This award is wonderful recognition for a project that brings tangible benefits to GP practices and patients, and a tribute to the organisations that delivered it. Each of the partners involved in GP in the Cloud brings a specialism. It is the combination of these specialisms that resulted in the success of this project. It is an outstanding example of true partnership working and what can be achieved.”

Delt CEO, Giles Letheren, added: “We are incredibly proud of our team and partners for delivering a groundbreaking solution that directly benefits NHS Devon and patients alike. Our joint win highlights the transformative impact of collaboration and technology in driving efficiency and accessibility within primary care settings. To have co-designed and implemented GP in the Cloud, a remote access platform that enables locum GPs to access a patient’s full medical record safely, securely and from any location, without the need to be issued a dedicated laptop, is good, but the bigger victory is in working together. The project itself was made feasible solely due to the willingness of NHS Devon to collaborate effectively with multiple partners. While the win for Virtual Care Project of the year reflects the utility and impact of our platform, we are perhaps even prouder of our silver award for Best Partnership.”

As Delt and their partners celebrate this achievement, they remain dedicated to advancing healthcare service excellence and look forward to continuing their journey of innovation in partnership with the NHS and healthcare providers across the UK.

The winners were selected following a rigorous two-stage judging process ahead of the HSJ Partnership Awards 2024 awards ceremony. The full list of Winners and those Highly Commended for the 2024 HSJ Partnership Awards can be found at

NEWS – Delt Shared Services Earns Place on Newsweek’s list of the Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces for 2023

Delt Shared Services earns place on Newsweek’s list of the Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces for 2023 

5th October 2023, Plymouth, Devon

Delt Shared Services today announced that they have been ranked as #9 among 100 UK companies recognised for outstanding employee sentiment and satisfaction. 

Newsweek recently published their annual rankings for the Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces® list, the result of a collaboration with the Best Practice Institute (BPI), a leadership development and benchmark research company.  

The results were determined after surveying more than two million employees from businesses with workforces varying in size from 50 to more than 100,000. The list recognises companies that have created a workplace where employees feel respected, inspired, and appreciated and are at the centre of the business model.  

Giles Letheren, CEO at Delt said: “I’m absolutely delighted that we have been accredited as a Most Loved Workplace, a certification that recognises companies for creating emotionally connected workplaces. I firmly believe that our team is truly exceptional, and our people are our most valuable assets. Our commitment to collaboration, teamwork, opportunities for advancement, and a culture of understanding and respect are some of the reasons why we have earned this recognition. We believe that creating a workplace where everyone can thrive empowers us to collaborate effectively and deliver exceptional results for our customers. This is essential to fulfilling our aim of helping people do amazing things. 

Jane White, Chief People and Culture Officer added: “We are extremely pleased to be recognised by the prestigious Newsweek as #9 on their list of Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces. Delt works hard to ensure that our culture is employee-centric, and this award is a recognition of the hard work we’ve put into gathering employee feedback and taking actionable steps that benefit our employees.” 

 The key areas included in the analysis are based on how well companies demonstrate the areas within the Spark Model as defined by BPI including Systemic Collaboration, Positive Vision of the Future, Alignment of values, Respect, and Killer Achievement. Employee sentiments and emotions indicating how engaged employees are, how positive they feel about their workplace, and how committed they are to the organization’s success were analysed to identify the Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces.  

 “With the rapidly changing workplace and competition for top talent, more companies are recognising the importance of employee engagement and commitment”, said Nancy Cooper, Global Editor in Chief, Newsweek. “The workplaces that have demonstrated a commitment to their employees in 2023 are more likely to attract the best talent and deliver strong business outcomes.” 

 “Fully understanding and acting upon employee sentiment, emotion, and recommendations continues to be a challenge and top priority of executive leadership,” said Louis Carter, CEO of Best Practice Institute. “The companies on this list have committed to listening carefully to their employees to create a workplace employees love.” 

As a publicly owned but privately operated company founded in 2014 by shareholders, Plymouth City Council, and the NHS Devon, Delt is a shared services provider dedicated to providing comprehensive and complex back-office services including Payroll, Finance, IT, Cyber Security, Print and Mail, HR, Estates Management and Management Consulting to public sector organisations in the South West of England.  

To date, the company’s efforts have made a significant impact creating an annual socio-economic gain of nearly £16M in the region. With a presence in over 250 service areas across 400 locations, Delt plays a crucial role in supporting many of the area’s critical services, including NHS trusts, local government, blue light services, and educational institutions.   


For the full Newsweek list of 2023’s Most Loved Workplaces, please visit: 


 To find out more about why Delt was recognised for outstanding employee sentiment and satisfaction, please visit: Delt Shared Services – Most Loved Workplace® 

NEWS – Delt Shared Services and Integy’s Revolutionary GP Cloud Platform is Shortlisted at the HSJ 2023 Awards

Delt Shared Services and Integy’s Revolutionary GP Cloud Platform is Shortlisted at the HSJ 2023 Awards

Devon-based shared services provider, Delt, is delighted to announce that its GP in the Cloud (GPitC) platform, developed for NHS Devon, has been shortlisted in the ‘Digitising Patient Care’ award category at the prestigious Health Service Journal (HSJ) Awards 2023. 

The ‘Digitising Patient Care’ award category aims to acknowledge effective initiatives that have harnessed technology and digital systems to enhance patient access to care, enable staff to optimise capacity, and elevate the overall experience and quality of healthcare. 

The GPitC platform effectively addresses a pivotal challenge in the evolution of digital primary care innovations. Amid a GP shortage in Devon, innovative strategies were sought for efficient primary care. Online consultations reshaped GP services during Covid-19, but limits persisted, hindering remote locum use due to system constraints. To address this, Delt worked collaboratively with cloud computing experts, Integy, NHS Devon and the National Association of Sessional GPs (NASGP) to pioneer a groundbreaking technology solution called ‘GP in the Cloud’. 

GPitC enables locums located throughout the UK to conduct patient consultations seamlessly over the internet. This is achieved through a secure cloud-based virtual desktop, preserving a practice’s internal clinical system integrity while granting access to systems required for remote consultations. The outcomes have been noteworthy: substantial cost savings for primary care in Devon, heightened patient care standards, and an enhanced work-life balance for staff. 

Commenting on the recent shortlist, Dr John McCormick, GP and Chief Clinical Information Officer at NHS Devon, said: “We are very proud to be recognised this way. Being shortlisted for in the HSJ Awards 2023 will be a huge boost for our dedicated and hard-working team. 

“GP in the Cloud has been transformative for our local GP practices and made significant improvements to us being able to better meet the demands of our patients at a time that there were huge challenges in accessing local GP services. 

“Being shortlisted for these awards gives us the opportunity to share our success with colleagues from across the entire sector, as well as showcasing everything we’ve learnt through implementing our project.” 

Delt CEO, Giles Letheren, added: “We are thrilled to be involved, along with our partners, in implementing a pioneering solution for the NHS Devon that harnesses technology and digital systems to enhance patients access to care. GP in the Cloud was developed to enable GPs from anywhere in the UK to deliver support to primary care, across multiple clinical systems, without the need for dedicated NHS hardware – enabling staff to optimise capacity, improve experience and most of all the quality of care.” 

As it enters its 43rd year, the HSJ Awards maintain their position as the pinnacle of recognition for healthcare service excellence in the UK. Winners of the HSJ awards will be announced at the award ceremony on 16th November at Evolution London.  

NEWS – Delt Partners with Reliance Cyber to Offer Industry-leading Cybersecurity Services to the Public Sector

Delt Partners with Reliance Cyber to Offer Industry-leading Cybersecurity Services to the Public Sector

Delt Shared Services and Reliance Cyber have partnered to provide industry-leading managed security services to public sector organisations.

The partnership with Reliance Cyber aims to provide an ‘always on’ security approach that will strengthen the defences of public sector organisations and safeguard them against the increasing number and complexity of cyber-attacks.

With the increasing number of attacks on the public sector, comprehensive cyber security is vitally important. In August 2022, 36 NHS organisations were impacted by a severe cyber-attack that had significant and long-lasting effects. Incidents like the attack on the NHS are costly, time-consuming, and disruptive. Such attacks, highlight the need for public sector organisations to have comprehensive cybersecurity defences in place.

Delt’s partnership with Reliance Cyber will provide public sector customers with a fully managed security service which includes 24/7, 365-day-a-year monitoring, detection, and response, mitigating their risk of cyberattacks. This partnership is a significant milestone in the expansion of Delt’s capabilities and is a direct response to the market’s need for increased resilience against cyber threats.

Giles Letheren CEO of Delt, expressed his delight at the collaboration, saying, ” We are committed to always providing our customers with the highest level of service, working with Reliance Cyber enables us to further meet this objective. Letheren went on to say, “The partnership provides a top-level security service that supports and responds to the real threats facing public sector organisations. ”

Rob Walton, Chief Revenue Officer at Reliance Cyber, added, “We are proud to work with Delt in protecting public sector organisations from the mounting threat of cyberattacks. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing best-in-class security, and we look forward to collaborating with Delt to further secure their customers.”

The Delt and Reliance Cyber partnership is set to enhance the cybersecurity of public sector organisations and provide Delt’s customers with peace of mind. Delt believes that its clients should feel confident that they are protected by the best possible security service in the market. With Reliance Cyber’s expertise and experience in advanced cyber threats, there is confidence that this partnership will provide customers with the highest level of protection. By working together, this partnership will help clients mitigate their risks, stay ahead of emerging threats, and focus on their core operations with the knowledge that their critical assets and data are secure.

NEWS – Why ‘always on’ Cybersecurity is crucial in the Public Sector

Why ‘always on’ Cybersecurity is crucial in the Public Sector

Cyber-attacks on healthcare globally saw an increase of 90% in the 2nd calendar quarter of 2022 [versus the 1st quarter].

In August 2022, 36 NHS organisations were impacted by a severe cyber-attack. The effects were felt for weeks as remedial action took place in a bid to return to the status quo and resume business as usual. Cyber-attacks are costly, timely and simply unpleasant.  

Back in 2019, Ernest & Young estimated that the NHS holds £9.6bn worth of data. The NHS cannot afford a large scale (or small-scale) cyber-attack. Yet few are suitably geared up to prevent such events from happening, let alone have the resource in place to act if (when) an attack happens.  

NHS Security Leaders and CIOs know the risks and know that cyber-attacks are a very real threat to their business. However, they are operating within several constraints with their hands, often, tied… 

  1. Inability to provide full 24x7x365 monitoring and responses to attacks, which often require human intervention. Many DPO (Data Protection Officer) and Cyber security roles are only paid to work between 9-5 and therefore the key challenge for organisations is the cost of building an in-house 24x7x365 which is unaffordable even if organisations were able to source the talent needed. 
  2. Investments in great technology solutions which are useless on their own without the skilled people to operate. Having software to detect threats in the early hours of the morning, without the people to then mitigate said threats. 
  3. Organisations lack the capacity and skills to ensure effective Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery incident response plans which are regularly tested.  
  4. Skills and talent shortages, which are particularly challenging in the far Southwest of England. 

It is for these reasons that Delt has recently updated its Managed Detection and Response service. The problems which the NHS face are worrying, and CIOs need the support to plan and act. For Delt’s current NHS customer’s they are already feeling the benefits of an ‘always on’ service which has enhanced in-house protection and monitoring.  

Through adopting a partner, who can provide an ‘always on’ monitoring service organisations are reaping the benefits of;  

  • In-depth sector knowledge and experience working with existing NHS customers 
  • Ability to leverage existing national investments such as Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Allowing NHS customers to continue to align with local and national strategies. 
  • Able to rapidly respond to changing threat landscapes 
  • Improved collaboration and shared intelligence across several NHS organisations and non-NHS customers.  
  • Innovation built in, enabling stretched NHS technology professionals to focus on clinical/digital transformation initiatives 
  • Confidence and reassurance in a full capability and not just technology 
  • Reduced retention and recruitment challenges with within the technology/cyber environment.  
  • Access to additional services such as Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and incident response. 

To find out about Delt’s Cybersecurity and Data Protection Service please visit here.

NEWS – Devon Partnership NHS Trust and Delt Shared Services set to deliver digital transformation to provide exceptional customer care

Devon Partnership NHS Trust and Delt Shared Services set to deliver digital transformation to provide exceptional customer care

Devon Partnership NHS Trust (DPT) is embarking on an ambitious transformation project, which will see their IT become more aligned with the NHS’s digital aspirations. This work will achieve a significant step-change in how the organisation collaborates with other service providers and delivers high quality care.  

At any one-time DPT supports around 30,000 people across Devon, the wider Southwest region and nationally. The organisation works closely with other health and social care providers to support the recovery of people with mental health, learning disability and neurodiversity needs. 

Delt Shared Services has been brought on board to support DPT with its plans for digital maturity, removing boundaries to information sharing and improving collaboration across the health and social care sector. 

It is difficult to imagine that an IT provider could make an impact on patient care. However, through this new partnership, DPT aims to deliver better population health outcomes by achieving its digital transformation strategy.  

The partnership has been formed based on Delt’s own work with Mental Health in the workplace. The organisation prioritises support and resources for its 200+ workforce and genuinely believes that happy staff are successful and productive employees.  

Rafael Sorribas, Chief Information Officer, says: “Over the last three years, we have increased our use of technology to support how we work at a far greater rate than we could have imagined or planned for. We have given out more than 4,000 laptops, iPads, and iPhones, and introduced a number of new applications and a VPN to support remote working. Users of our services have been able to connect to our care teams and staff have all been kept connected to colleagues across the Trust and beyond. 

“This has increased the amount of ‘IT support’ needed and we need to ensure a sustainable solution for the future. We have worked hard to create a partnership, with Delt, to provide the capacity and expertise to be able to support the Trust now and into the future”.  

Since its formation, Delt has continued to strive to be a regional leader within workplace mental wellbeing. From signing-up to the Wellbeing Charter, providing Mental Health First Aid Training, having an accessible EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) running 24/7, offering monthly Mental Health focused seminars in partnership with DevonMind and gaining regular staff feedback on what more could be done to support the wellbeing of all staff.  

DPT and Delt are aligned in their values and commitment to good mental health and wellbeing. It is this mutual passion and understanding that has formed the basis of this partnership. Delt will now supply IT services to the DPT’s 3,600 users across clinical and administrative roles. The two organisations will work collaboratively to deliver the digital transformation strategy, providing patients with exceptional care and service.  

Giles Letheren, Delt’s CEO said; “At Delt, we are truly passionate about supporting front-line staff to deliver a quality service to their customers. Our focus always has been and always will be helping clinicians to be up and running swiftly and efficiently so that they can meet the needs of their patients.” 

Giles added; “Our service has never been driven by closing tickets as quickly as possible. Instead, we work closely with our customers to properly understand their problems, fix them and implement a sustainable solution. We genuinely believe in our mission of Helping People Do Amazing Things and through this partnership with DPT we can continue to support key workers who provide crucial services to our communities.” 

GPintheCloud Service tackles GP shortage across Devon

GPintheCloud is a brand-new cloud-based system that allows GPs to access key systems and software remotely and from any compatible device.  

Before the launch of GPintheCloud, GPs would need to carry an NHS issued device to access patient data and clinical operating systems. For many, this meant carrying multiple devices or only being able to serve a patient when in a GP practice using a desktop computer.  

GPintheCloud is the brainchild of Delt Shared Services and INTEGY. Working collaboratively with the Devon NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, the three teams set out to tackle both the shortage of GPs and the potential for practice staff to suddenly have to work from home. Both issues were being exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic and urgently needed a sustainable solution.  

Delt and INTEGY created the GPintheCloud service to allow clinical staff to work from anywhere. Should a practice have to close, or a member of staff has to self-isolate due to Covid, the service can continue operating remotely. GPs, even locums from out of region, can serve patients from their own homes, using their own laptops. Gone are the days of needing to access and log into a desktop PC within a surgery.  

GPintheCloud is a secure virtual desktop that allows clinicians to access their GP ‘window’ from anywhere. The solution has so far delivered 8,000 extra clinical hours, since launch, with GP practices being able to utilise Locum GPs from outside the region and keep practice staff in work during periods of illness or closure. 

As the service continues to be rolled out, additional use-cases have been identified and are currently in trial. This includes Pharmacists being able to use the GPintheCloud service to access specific patient data negating the need to make follow up phone calls with GPs and the patient.  

Additionally Medical Examiners, who write and issue Death Certificates, can use the service to review the patient medical history without the need to individually request access to historical medical files and GP notes.  

Since the launch of GPintheCloud more than 200 GPs, across England are utilising the service to significantly improve the clinical care offering across the region.  

To find out more about GPintheCloud please visit

Delt Shared Services sign new agreement with Electrotek Solutions


Delt Shared Services sign new agreement with Electrotek Solutions

For over 5 years, Delt Shared Services have worked with Electrotek Solutions, an IT WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) recycling company, to manage the disposal of the IT equipment used across the business and by our customers. We are pleased to announce that we have renewed this agreement and will continue to work together until 2025.  

Electrotek are experts in their methods of recycling and employ a zero to landfill policy throughout the Southwest. Unfortunately, in the fast-paced world of IT, equipment can reach the end of its life relatively quickly. This is where Electrotek step in and refurbish a proportion of the assets to allow them to be repopulated into the local community. The remaining assets are then broken down into metals, glass & plastics for recycling. 

By working with Electrotek, Delt have made sure that over 1,000 devices or 3.8 tonnes of WEEE Waste, are to be reused for its original purpose and ensured the responsible recycling of the remaining 7 tonnes of WEEE Waste. This has resulted in a total CO2 saving of 10.46 tonnes. 

Additionally, the partnership between Delt and Electrotek has made a positive contribution to the community in the value of £21,075 (financial and equipment donations) and has supported local charities in need such as The Shekinah Mission and Sanctuary Supported Living’s Plymouth Domestic Abuse Services (PDAS). 

Giles Letheren, CEO at Delt Shared Services said, “We’re committed, here at Delt, to exceeding the ‘greening government’ commitments and more sustainable operations and we’re delighted that our renewed partnership with Electrotek is helping to make this happen. 


Photo by Electrotek Solutions – a member of Delt staff handing over refurbished equipment to Sanctuary Supported Living’s Plymouth Domestic Abuse Services (PDAS) in 2021. 

Delt Shared Services finalists at Project Management Awards


Delt Shared Services finalists at Project Management Awards 


Back in July, Delt’s Project Management Office were delighted to have been short-listed as one of 4 finalists for the Association for Project Management’s (APM) Project Management Award, Contribution to Project Management: Small to Medium Enterprise. 

The APM Awards celebrate excellence and endorse innovation within the project management space. The Delt team competed against an incredibly high calibre of entries from a vast number of sectors and countries. 

Unfortunately, Delt just missed the top spot. That said the team are delighted with the recognition they have received for their contributions to Helping People Do Amazing Things over the past 12 months. Congratulations to P2 Consulting for winning this year. 

Gary Pettitt, Chief Project Officer added“I am incredibly proud of the PMO team and the outstanding work they deliver to our customers. We were up against a high calibre of entries so to be included as a finalist is a fantastic achievement for all at Delt and a true reflection of how the team have continued to deliver, exceeding expectations, throughout the Pandemic. To have external validation of the excellent service our project professionals provide is an achievement to be proud of”. 

Giles Letheren, CEO said; “I’m delighted that the work that the Project Management Office does has been reflected in the finalist list at the APM Awards. The team successfully delivered over 300 business change and transformation projects for our shareholders and commercial customers in 2020/2021 and this shortlisting is testament to their hard work”. 

Delt’s Project Management Office delivers a range of technology-based change and transformation projects ranging from small office-based projects to multi-million-pound projects with regional impact. 

Delt’s profile and award category can be viewed on the APM website. Additionally, more about the work that the PMO do can be viewed on the Delt website.  

Very Good To Work For

Recognising Workplace Excellence: Our ‘Very Good’ Accreditation and Top 25 Ranking in Business Services

Best Companies collaborates with organisations globally to assess and acknowledge employee engagement, offering valuable insights through its lists and accreditations to determine which companies are the best to work for.


At Delt, we know that our mission of ‘Helping People Do Amazing Things’ is only achievable through the dedicated efforts of our teams. Our staff are at the very heart of our business, and we want to make sure work-life balance isn’t just a buzzword. We regularly review our employee feedback to ensure we’re meeting the needs of our team and making sure they feel supported and valued in our workplace.


We pride ourselves on our positive working environment, team spirit and continued investment in our people but we are also committed to continuous improvement. Our recent achievements highlight our commitment to maintaining a positive workplace culture.


Our journey began with the February 2021 b-Heard Engagement Survey, where we achieved an impressive 75% engagement rate. The survey yielded an overall result of 661.2 out of 1000, meriting our ‘very good’ status and 1-star rating, earning us a spot in the Best Companies to Work For list.


The b-heard rating system categorises companies with a score of 600 and above as ‘one to watch,’ with 1 to 3 stars indicating the ‘best-of-the-best.’


Building on this success, in our October 2023 survey, we achieved an overall result of 664.1 and secured the 18th position in the top 25 UK Business Services category, surpassing our 2021 performance and retaining our 1-star accreditation.

“I’m delighted that the efforts we’ve invested in employee engagement are reflected in our Best Companies accreditation and inclusion on the Top Business Services list. Our commitment to continuous improvement underscores our dedication to creating a workplace where our team can thrive, enabling us to further our mission of ‘Helping People Do Amazing Things.’ We recognise that a positive and supportive work environment is not only crucial for our staff’s wellbeing but also for delivering exceptional service to our customers. We are very proud to be recognised by Best Companies.”

Giles Letheren


For those interested in exploring our commitment to excellence, our Best Companies profile is available on the b-heard website. Additionally, our company is featured among the Top 20 in the Business Services category. You can view the full list here.


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