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Project Management

Project Management Office

The Delt Project Management Office is a small, agile and effective project delivery organisation that enables business change and transformation for our shareholders and customers.
Delt’s project portfolio includes small, low-cost, quick to deliver pieces of work through to complex, high-value projects with strategic impact.

Delt can provide a fully qualified APM project professional to manage projects across all sectors including, but not limited to, IT, economic development, tourism, business case development and education. When you contract with us you get the support of an experienced cadre of PMs and of Delt’s finance and procurement departments. Resource can be flexed in and out of the project without the need for the customer to recruit additional staff. We provide an holistic project management service that can easily draw on other areas of the Delt business portfolio to provide the best solutions to your needs.

Our Credentials

A corporate partner of the Association of Project Managers (APM), Delt PMO is committed to the professional development of staff. Delt Project Managers have APM qualifications and are also capable in Agile project management techniques. This presents choice in how projects are controlled and gives customers the reassurance that their work will be managed in the most appropriate way by an accredited project manager.


Please contact us to discuss how you can benefit from our competitive project management offer to deliver all your project management requirements.

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