Case Study: Sail GP Connectivity

Sail GP Connectivity

Sail GP Connectivity

Delt Service Area: Project Management Office (PMO)

Customer: Sail GP

One of the world’s most impressive sailing events, the Sail Grand Prix, selected Plymouth to host the third event in their championship following opening events in Bermuda and Italy – and what an event it was! 

Delt’s Project Management Office (PMO) worked with SailGP to provide network connectivity for the race villages and for broadcasting the event worldwide. 

The SailGP team required network connectivity for the teams based in their race villages. By having the villages connected, it meant teams could talk to the sail boats in real time to ensure their safety needs were met.   

The PMO worked with SailGP teams and third-party Telco providers to ensure the required network connectivity was delivered for the race. The connectivity played a vital role in ensuring safety on the boats themselves and enabling the live video streaming for global broadcasting.  

Delt were also able to assist when, in the lead up to the race, SailGP also needed last-minute help with the delivery and management of a main fibre line. This is a job that would normally take around 90 days, however Delt managed to provide delivery within 10 days, allowing the race to be broadcast faultlessly. 


Photo: Thomas Lovelock for SailGP. Handout image supplied by SailGP

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