Estates Management

Estates Management

At Delt Shared Services, we understand the importance of providing a healthy and productive workplace environment for your staff.

Our dedicated Estates Management Team is here to cater to your specific needs and requirements, offering a comprehensive range of tailored Estates and Facilities support services. As well as providing strategic advice, we offer a flexible service to meet the need for proactive and reactive maintenance. From building maintenance through to catering, we provide a range of Estates and Facilities support services tailored to customer nuances.


Our focus on compliance ensures that your estate remains legally compliant, with suitable checks and expert guidance from our specialist Health and Safety consultants. We prioritise the wellbeing of our users and take all necessary measures to mitigate risks.

Repairs and Maintenance

For repairs and maintenance, both in-house and contracted out, we provide proactive maintenance and planned project work to ensure your establishments are well-maintained and fully functional. We believe that a comfortable working environment plays a crucial role in fostering productivity and employee satisfaction. 

Cleaning and Caretaking

Our cleaning and caretaking services ensure that your premises are kept clean, tidy, and ready for use at all times. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and inviting space for staff and visitors alike. 


As part of our expanded services, we now offer professional catering support to assist in running efficient and well-equipped kitchens within your organisation. Our experienced staff can provide staffing solutions and ensure smooth operations for your catering needs. 

Vehicle Fleet

Additionally, we have extensive experience in managing vehicle fleets and can provide fleet management services to selected customers. We ensure that your fleet vehicles are properly maintained and in optimal condition, enabling seamless operations for your organisation. 

Interested in working with us to keep your estate in optimum shape? If you’re interested in discovering how Delt Shared Services can deliver best value solutions to maintain and optimise your estate, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or call us on 01752 308888.

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