Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility

 Delt is an organisation, by the very nature of what we do, that is committed to making an impact to our community which is amplified in socio-economic terms with Delt enabling a regional annual gross value add of over £14m and the support of nearly 300 local jobs.

We are proud of what we do and the benefits our services bring to local people and the local economy it delivers but we are also committed to doing more. Our values are exemplified in our corporate social responsibility practices which deliver greener and more sustainable operations, a positive contribution to our local communities, a more diverse and enabled workplace, more socially responsible procurement and a healthier work culture.

Our Zero Waste to Landfill Efforts

For over 5 years we have worked with Electrotek Solutions Ltd, a zero to landfill IT WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) waste recycling company who are providing a free WEEE waste disposal service and free secure Data Destruction.

Working with Electrotek this year we have saved over 12 tonne of WEEE waste from entering landfill. This equates to 12,127Kg of IT from 6,720 laptops and 2,2021 desktops!

On top of helping us manage our waste, Electrotek donate 10% of any re-sale value to a charity of Delt’s choice, last year £1,205.69 was donated to Hospice Care South West.


Other Zero Waste to Landfill commitments:

  • In our Print services, all our paper and packing materials comes from sustainable suppliers and is 100% recyclable.  We also purchase our paper in non ream wrapped boxes of 2500. Using 1 million sheets a year saves 2000 pieces of wrapping going into the recycle bin.
  • Any plastics used for producing vinyl banners are 100% recyclable and we also use non-toxic ink as it is plastic and water based.
  • We have eliminated our use of plastic and paper products in our kitchen ensuring we have reusable wares for staff use (glasses, mugs, plates, silverware)


Supporting the Forest Sustainability Scheme

Since 2019 our Print team have being buying our 1 million sheets paper through the Forest Sustainability Scheme.  Our supplier Antalis supports the World Land Trust and what we love about this is they don’t just plant trees. They also protect existing areas of land which in turn, protects the Eco system, communities and wildlife that live there. Delt has balanced 1379 kg of carbon dioxide to protect 966m2  of critically threatened tropical forest.


Our Switch from Fossil Fuels to Electric Energy

We have made the switch from fossil fuels to electric vehicles. We are proud to say that 80% of our fleet is now hybrid or electric, and we have electric charging points available at the vast majority of our sites, which are free for staff to use. We will be installing charging points at any other sites we have. Our Print team have also made the switch to a Toyota Proace electric van to make their local deliveries. By making these changes, we’re not only reducing our carbon footprint but also contributing to cleaner air and a healthier planet.

As an employer of choice, we encourage our people to be active in their local communities, providing paid time off for local charity work with many staff also volunteering in charities and local schools. Our people are proud of where they work, where they live and what they contribute to the community.

Delt and its staff seek to make a positive contribution to our local communities. This is more than conventional corporate social responsibility but a real commitment to making things better for other people where we live and work.  Here are a few ways we make this happen:


Volunteer Matching

For staff who carry out voluntary work for registered charities, Delt will match up to two days taken from the staff member’s annual leave entitlement with the same amount of paid “Charity leave”


Delt Charity Days

Delt supports two charities each year using our manpower. Groups from Delt carry out work together on a paid leave basis, to support the charity’s goals. Participation isn’t compulsory, although all staff members are encouraged to go and learn more about each other, the charity and do some valuable work at the same time. Recent charities have included Dartmoor Zoo, Surfers Against Sewage, Age Concern and Rowcroft Hospice.


Latest Volunteering Efforts

Delt staff have never failed to go above and beyond, not only in work but in their charity endeavours. You can find out more about their volunteering initiatives and Delt’s activities below;

Christmas Food Bank Initiative 

We recognise we can’t build diverse teams with creating an inclusive environment and we are always looking a way to ensure we are creating a workplace where employees have equal opportunities during the entire employee life-cycle.  Our current commitments include:

  • Continuous education of all employees on Equality and Diversity to increase awareness and promote organisation expectations in managing fair practices.
  • Fostering a company culture where every voice is welcome, heard, and respected by providing multiple channels for staff feedback – anonymous surveys, staff feedback forums, Delt Rad, Staff Briefings,
  • Eliminating bias in our internal and external hiring process by engaging multiple interview panels in the process; made up of staff from across the organisation including cross functional leadership and team roles
  • Creating work environments, buildings and materials which are accessible and inclusive for all.

The overall physical, mental and emotional health and well being of our staff has always been and remains a critical component to our commitment to a happy and healthy workplace and it is embedded in all aspects of our staffs’ work life.  This commitment was recognised when we received accreditation through the Workplace Well being Charter in 2019 and while we are proud of this achievement it now acts as a guide to ensure we are continuously improving.  Our commitments include:

  • Delivering ongoing Health and Well being training for line managers to ensure we are continuously engaging in open two-way conversations that highlights opportunities to signpost support available including Mental Health 1st Aiders, Occupational Health and Employee Assistance.
  • Encouraging work-life balance but providing different ways for employees to create flexible and agile working based on their unique requirements.
  • Engaging with our Health, Safety and Wellness committee that creates opportunities for employees to feedback and contribute to a work culture that mitigates conditions that could lead to mental health issues.
  • Providing an online Well being Platform that enables employees to learn how to self-manage all aspects of their well being; body, mind, money and nutrition.
  • Continuously monitor and report on employee health and well being data to ensure we are proactively engaging employees with the right interventions, programmes and initiatives at the right time; keeping well being top of mind for employees, senior leadership team and the board.

Modern Slavery Act 2015

Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 requires large employers to produce a Modern Slavery Statement for each financial year. Whilst Delt Shared Services Ltd do not currently have a legal obligation to publish this, we have chosen to do so. We believe the localised nature of our activities and our customers, contractors and supplier geography, puts us at a lower risk than some in the shared service industry. Nevertheless, we remain vigilant in the detection and prevention of modern slavery and human trafficking and have a zero-tolerance approach to any:

  • Human trafficking including all aspects of child slavery
  • Forced work through mental or physical threat
  • Being controlled or owned by an employer through mental or physical abuse or the threat of abuse
  • Slavery in supply chains

We are committed to our company values of transparency and integrity and publish this statement to outline the procedures Delt already undertakes, what we have done this year and what we will do in the coming year. This is Delt’s first annual Modern Slavery Statement and has been developed in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

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