Innovation and Transformation

Innovation and Transformation

Our Digital Transformation service supports your business change goals by bringing together Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, Digital, Innovation, Development and Product management services in a way that enables the best outcomes for Delt’s customers and partners. 

Principles fo the service offering. Simplification, Innovation, Modernisation and Intergration

We have created this service to support both the strategic direction of our partners organisation, as well as the immediate changes and quick wins that can make a difference quickly. This service covers the below and is delivered in collaboration with the customer to help them achieve their transformation goals.

  • The maximum return on investment (both innovative and exploiting existing services and data)​
  • Product creation​
  • Strategy generation and delivery governance​
  • Value adding enterprise architecture
  • Support adoption of a digital culture​
  • Support creation of blueprints and service definition that can be reconsumed​
  • Build service requirements based on value, outcome and experience​
  • Partner to ensure that the right programmes are delivered at the right time​

There are three parts of the service, these are:

  • Innovation – to focus on efficiency and new products​
  • Architecture –  ensure quality designs (EA and Solutions)​
  • Product Management to manage lifecycle, adoption, CSI and inform innovation and design
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