Transforming Futures Trust

Transforming Futures Trust

Who are Transforming Futures Trust?

Transforming Futures Trust joined Delt in 2020 and now accesses several support services.

The Trust’s core aim is to create ‘positive futures for all’ working with children for whom mainstream education is not right: young people with behavioural challenges; children with mental health concerns; students who find the traditional setting of a school intimidating.


How does Delt Support TFT?

Delt’s work with TFT is wide reaching and covers all ACE schools, Courtlands and Tiverton School. This comprises 13 locations across Devon and Cornwall.

What initially started as an IT modern workplace solution and HR support expanded into a multifaceted support service. Delt now provides the following services;


Case Studies

Our case studies outline some of the work involved in making amazing things happen;

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