Board Minutes – 29 April 2020

Board Minutes

Delt Shared Services Ltd – Board of Directors Meeting

29 April 2020

Directors in attendance: Lorna Collingwood-Burke (Non-Executive Director), Nick Franklin (Staff Nominated Non-Executive Director), Mark Greaves (Independent Non-Executive Director, Chair), Paul James (Executive Director), Giles Letheren (Executive Director), Mark Lewis (Independent Non-Executive Director) and Andrew Millward (Non-Executive Director).

Attendees: Helen Prendergast (Secretariat), Ben Thorne and Jane White (Head of Workforce and Brand).

The meeting was conducted virtually.

The Delt Board of Directors met on 29 April 2020 and discussed the following key items of business –

  • Coronavirus Update: Board noted the work being undertaken by Delt in supporting it customers; the Board congratulated Delt’s workforce on its continued performance and support during these unprecedented circumstances;
  • Finance: The Board discussed and noted the latest financial position of the Company and the key risks which could impact the budget in-year;
  • Performance Management: the Board reviewed the latest performance information for the Company against its Service Level Agreements (SLAs), in particular the contractual SLAs that had been missed, and progress against the datacentre action plan;
  • Client Acquisition and Business Development: the Board noted and discussed the update on the business development;
  • Proposed Dividend: The Board agreed to seek approval from the Shareholders the dividend for 2020/21 (based on 2019/20 performance of the Company);
  • Comms Plan: The Board reviewed the current progress against the plan and the future actions;
  • Finalise Pay Award: The Board discussed the proposal to implement a new performance-based reward scheme and finalised the pay settlement for 2019/20;
  • Initial Audit Feedback: The Board was advised that the Company’s auditors (Bishop Fleming) were finalising the accounts for 2019/20;
  • Draft 2020 Accounts: The Board was advised that the draft accounts for 2020/21 would be available in June 2020;
  • 2020/21 Forecast Update: The Board was advised that 2020/21 forecast would be available for review in June 2020;
  • Rewrite of Business Plan: The Board discussed the future format of the business plan which would negate the need for the whole plan to be re-written on an annual basis;
  • Workforce Sustainability: The Board noted and discussed the update on workforce sustainability which included the results of the engagement survey;
  • The next Board meeting will be held on 27 May 2020.
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