More Girl Geeks!

More Girl Geeks!
Thoughts on International Women’s Day

I’ve had the dubious honour of working on a long term basis for, at the last count, 14 different employers in several very different industries. It’s about evenly split between the public and private sector and the US and UK. I’ve worked for two people called Giles, the 9400th most popular boys name. What are the odds? Better apparently than the odds of working for a female boss, because there is only one of those. That’s not right.

I’ve always wanted to work somewhere where your role was determined by what you did and how you did it, not who you are or who you know. Delt is that place.

The last time I posted on social media on international women’s day I was criticised for saying we needed more girl geeks. At the risk of doubling down I’m going to say that again. We want, we need and we’ll keep looking for more girl geeks. Our work experience cohort this year sees 12 students coming to sample life in the workplace but only 1 application came from a young lady. We want more brilliant woman at all levels of our organisation, especially in STEM roles.

We’ve just advertised for two new non-executive directors to join our board. This time, half the field of very capable applicants are not men. That’s brilliant. Watch this space to see who we appoint but I’d put money on not regretting writing this blog.


Photo Credit: Pete Johnson

Giles Letheren – Chief Executive Officer

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