Employee Appreciation Day

Our People Are Amazing

Once upon a time, in a place not so very far away, but a long, long time ago, I used to be good at something. I can’t remember what it was but it was useful enough that people used to give me money for doing it. Some time later I became a manager and thus the slow journey of deskilling began. By the time I become a middle manager, my skills were limited to dealing with people problems and complaining that if it wasn’t for people, my job would be much easier. Time passes and the deskilling continues to the point where the only useful role left for you is a CEO. Now all I have to do is manage the people, who manage the people, who do the work. As we have good middle managers, this leaves me very little to do, which is frankly, probably for the best.

On Employee Appreciation Day I wondered if my employer appreciates the little bit I actually have to do. After all, Delt is a limited company which means it has ‘corporate personhood’. Many of the things people can do, companies can do in their own right. I assume that this includes being appreciative, but on further reflection, I cannot think of an example where the company has said thank you. Well, I guess that’s the downside of being a CEO.

As a real, rather than corporate, person (even if not an especially good one), I can certainly recognise, enjoy and show appreciation for the good qualities in the people who work with us.

Delt helps People Do Amazing Things, which has to be one of the best jobs you can have but knowing this is our mission statement isn’t quite the same as that being recognised by those we help, or those who work alongside us. In the latter case, I do try and remember to thank our team on a regular basis, not just on Employee Appreciation Day. I recognise that without every one of our employees we simply couldn’t do what we do. There are days we do things well, there are rarer days where we do things less well and, whilst frustrating, that’s usually not from a lack of effort. For my part I am very aware that my job is to Help the People who Help People Do Amazing Things. In my own right I don’t do anything very useful any more but our company does. Without our employees, nothing would happen. No good days, no bad days, because on our own, those of us who have the privilege of leading wouldn’t be able to do anything. Trust me when I tell you that I truly appreciate that.

Giles Letheren
Chief Executive Officer

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