Board Minutes – 27 October 2021

Board Minutes

Delt Shared Services Ltd – Board of Directors Meeting

27 October 2021

Directors in attendance:

Kim Brown (Non-Executive Director), Lorna Collingwood-Burke (Non-Executive Director), Nick Franklin (Non-Executive Director Staff Appointed), Mark Greaves(Independent Non-Executive Director, Chair), Giles Letheren (Executive Director), Mark Lewis (Independent Non-Executive Director) and Andrew Millward (Non-Executive Director)

Apologies: None

Also in attendance: Steven Aspinall (Insurance Broker), Simon Grint (Support for Interim CFO), Karen Morris (Interim Chief Financial Officer), Helen Prendergast (Secretariat) and Jane White (Chief People and Culture Officer)

This meeting was conducted virtually via MS Teams.

The Delt Board of Directors met on 27 October 2021 and discussed the following key items of business –

● Insurance Renewal: Steve Aspinall (representative from the insurance broker attended the meeting). The Board noted the current position with relation to the challenges regarding renewing the company’s insurance policy due to a difficult insurance market. It was noted that negotiations with Delt’s existing insurer were ongoing. The Board asked to be kept updated on this matter.

● Workforce Strategic Planning: The Board noted the work undertaken on the performance pay award review, in particular that an external consulted would be appointed to review this process.

The Board was also made aware of issues with membership of Delt Rad.  The Board emphasised that this forum played a critical role in Delt.

● Management Accounts: The Board noted the management accounts as at 30 September 2021and the 2021/22 forecast. The Board request that it be regularly updated on the forecast.

● Performance Management: The Board noted that during September 2021 24 out of the 29 SLAs had been met. Under the previous measurement methodology, the only failure for September 2021 would have been the Plymouth City Council Major Incident SLA Failure.

● Client Acquisition and Business Development: The Board noted the comprehensive working being undertaken to secure growth within the organisation, particularly with Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service and Devon Partnership Trust.

The next Board meeting will be held on 24 November 2021.

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