Blog – Advice I Would Give My Younger Self

Advice I Would Give My Younger Self

I’ll jump straight in… 

  • Leave a job if it brings you no joy, however good the money is 
  • Embrace change, you may as well because you will not stop it 
  • Drive change, even in the smallest ways, it takes a lot of people doing a lot of small things to make big change happen.  
  • Take a stand and challenge poor behaviour as that will eventually change a culture. 
  • Surround yourself with people who challenge you to be the best version of you that you can. 
  • Share your knowledge. Time invested in training and developing others is never wasted and seeing your team grow will give you some of the proudest moments in your career. 
  • Never compromise your integrity. Your moral compass is yours and yours alone. Live by it. 
  • Keep the balance, do not forget you are a cheerleader too! Work hard but remember what is really important in life. 
  • You are not a square peg or a round peg, you are just you. You are good enough. You do not have to fit into any hole.  
  • Never stop learning. 

Karen Morris, Chief Financial Officer

Photo by Elisa Photography on Unsplash

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