Supporting Our Communities

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Supporting Our Communities

In 2017 Delt delivered a socio-economic benefit exceeding £7M (per annum) to the South West, £6M of that in Plymouth. We’re proud of what we do and we want to deliver more services, increasing the benefits to local people and the local economy whilst making a significant long term contribution to our public-sector partners.

As an employer of choice, we encourage our people to be active in their local communities through sponsorship of local sports teams, providing paid time off for local charity work with many staff also volunteering in charities and local schools. Our people are proud of where they work, where they live and what they contribute to the community.

Delt and its staff seek to make a positive contribution to our local communities. This is more than conventional corporate social responsibility but a real commitment to making things better for other people where we live and work.

Volunteer Matching

For staff who carry out voluntary work for registered charities, Delt will match up to two days taken from the staff member’s annual leave entitlement with the same amount of paid “Charity leave”.

Delt Charity Days

Delt supports two charities each year using our manpower. Groups from Delt carry out work together on a paid leave basis, to support the charity’s goals. Participation isn’t compulsory, although all staff members are encouraged to go and learn more about each other, the charity and do some valuable work at the same time. In 2018 we are supporting Dartmoor Zoo and Surfers Against Sewage.

Surplus Equipment

From time to time Delt has stocks of computer equipment that whilst end of life in the corporate world, will still be very useful to other organisations. Charities and not for profits are encouraged to contact us to see where we can help.


Helping Our Staff

Many of our staff also support, work with, or in one case, run their own charity initiatives. Most of these appear to involve getting muddy, wet or exhausted or paying for the privilege of not being muddy, wet and exhausted. Delt has sponsored staff teams in a variety of charity activities and actively seeks new opportunities to co-contribute.

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