Case Study: HR Services partners with Transforming Futures Trust

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In March 2020, Delt’s HR Service was asked to conduct a comprehensive review of Transforming Futures Trust’s HR processes, policies and systems to ascertain whether best value service was being delivered. TFT identified a number of priority outcomes including streamlining core HR activities in order to free up valuable resource, implementing consistency across all policies and processes and improving health and wellbeing across staff morale. Underpinning all of this was the requirement to reduce recruitment costs, boost staff time and capacity whilst cutting down on manual processes and administrative tasks.

The initial stage of the review included a focus on fully understanding the current HR environment and identify the opportunities to make improvements and change. This resulted in a recommendation paper that included areas of focus to be actioned through a phased approach. In the most immediate sense, our team facilitated the migration of all paper files to electronic versions with full access to anyone who needs it. In doing so our teams were able to facilitate the transferring of remote working as required throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic. The work undertaken on behalf of TFT is varied and complex, but all of which has supported the crucial work that teachers to do. From removing the admin-heavy tasks of updating policies, leading and advising on recruitment processes and managing case work from all number of HR related issues.

In addition to taking on a leadership and advisory role for TFT, Delt has also streamlined their payroll data collation process through implementing a new HR and Payroll system which allows all employees to virtually (and remotely) access and update their personal details and retrieve payslips. The new system significantly cuts down on manual processes and therefore frees up value resource within the TFT HR team.

As the partnership with TFT continues, Delt remains a point of contact for more complicated HR issues and appeals as well as being able to offer ad-hoc advice as and when needed.

Delt have added real value to our service delivery; providing sound advice and comprehensive support which also included a HR service review and support with complex employee relations cases. They are a team of experienced and knowledgeable HR professionals who are focused on achieving a balanced outcome for both the Trust and our People and we have benefited hugely by working in partnership with, and accessing the Delt HR team as an additional (and independent) resource when needed.

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Transforming Futures Trust
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