CoreHR Training FAQs


Will payslips still be emailed to a chosen email address?

No – Payslips cannot be emailed from CoreHR. You will need to log into the system to access these. Alternatively, printed payslips can be arranged if you do not have access to the system.

Will the old iTrent payslips be available for us if we need them?

Employees are being asked to download/print off Payslips & P60’s from iTrent before it is decommissioned.

When downloading a payslip - where will it go?

When downloading your payslip, a new screen will open in your browser, and a PDF copy of your payslip will appear. From here you can save your payslip to your computer or mobile device, or print a copy.

How do you tell if it's a mandatory or optional field?

All mandatory fields will be prefixed with a * to indicate it is a mandatory field.

Can you claim mileage for a Bicycle?

Yes, for a few of our Clients, we do pay for Bicycle mileage. This will be dependent on whether this is allowed under your terms and conditions. You must remember to complete the registration field as it is mandatory, we would expect those users to enter something along the lines of ‘Surname-Bicycle’ in the registration details.

How do I increase the size of the font on my screen?

The font on the screen can be increased by going to your Computer Settings and changing the Zoom %.

In the Employee Dashboard, Contract Salary screen, the demo was a 0.5FTE - does the salary shown reflect that?

The salary details are shown in the contract details screen. This screen shows both the FTE Salary and the Actual salary pro rated to the employees FTE.

Can you amend the working week?

Yes only a Manager or Administrator, can amend Working Weeks. This is amended by using the Shift Change function.

Will I be expected to change my password in CoreHR?

Yes, on your initial login to the system, you will receive a temporary password and you will be forced to change it.

Is there a mobile app for this?

You can access the system via a URL not an App.

Will Annual Leave and sickness be brought over from iTrent or will it be a blank page?

If your annual leave is currently recorded in iTrent then your starting position at point of transfer i.e. balance, carry forward, bought and sold information will be transferred together with any future bookings that have been made. We will not data migrate historic annual leave bookings.

Are messages set by Delt or can the organisation send out staff messages in this format?

No – These are mainly system messages referring to downtime. This isn’t configurable per company.

When personal details are edited does the system inform/notify the manager?

We intend to provide a report to identify changes in personal details. This will be shared with HR named personnel only.

Does the system have the ability to capture different job groups with different FTE's? e.g. a Teacher FTE is 1265 but a Support Staff is 37hrs per week. Thanks.

Yes, this is essential to hourly rate calculations and Net Pay results.

Does the employer add the employee leave entitlement? Is there a workflow to the line manager to approve leave requests?

The annual leave entitled is calculated based on the terms and conditions of the employee. Employees will be asked to double check the information is correct when they first log into CoreHR. Yes Managers will receive a notification when an employee requests leave.

Will a copy of this training be available for me to send out to all staff to watch in their own time?

Yes, training sessions have been recorded and we will make the recordings available to everyone once the sessions are complete. You will also have mini guides and access to the FAQ’s once they are published.

Normally when you change your details, such as a change of address, we would normally have to update HR. Is it likely that we would have to update this on both this system and the HR system or would this be integrated?

Yes, this will need to be updated in CoreHR and any other systems your organisation requires to be updated.

Do you know when we should be up and running on this system?

The target Go Live date is 6th November 2020.

Will the pay section/payslips have hourly rate as well as salary?

No this wont have the hourly rate.

If an employees job title changes for example and we send a change form to Delt, who updates their job title on CoreHR? The employee, us or Delt?

This will be different for different organisations. This could be the responsibility of the local Recruitment Team or Delt HR Systems Team.

Will managers receive a notification of all changes made by staff?

No, not all changes will be notified to managers.

Can you have both term time and annual leave staff on the system?

Yes, the system caters for all types of terms and conditions.

Are there prices for the different modules?

Some modules will be provided as part of the basic MSS/ESS functionality however, additional modules will be chargeable, so please contact Delt who will be able to discuss this with you.

As a HR employee, will I have access to see all employees payslips so I can see what they are looking at if they have any queries?

Managers/Administrators cannot view payslips on behalf of employees, however If you are an existing customer who receives the ‘Copy payslips file’ you will continue to receive this once we go live with CoreHR. If you do not currently receive this and require a copy, please liaise with the Delt Payroll Team.

Will employees get an email to say that the payslip is now available on CoreHR or do they just have to remember to check?

Employees will need to log into the system to see their Payslips, they will not receive a notification.

If the Holiday is approved by your Line manager do you have the option to edit this afterwards ? Or do you have to re-submit?

You are able to amend; cancel annual leave once it has been approved as long as it is not historical (in the past). Once it becomes historical, you must ask your Manager to amend or cancel.

If making a round trip with several stops can you put one journey in with the total milage for the complete journey or will have to list all the segments of the journey?

Depending on your organisation, you would need to check your organisations policy.

Will the balance information be in days or hours?

Annual Leave is held in decimal hours.

Are bank holidays included in the total?

Yes, the bank holiday hours will be included in the total entitlement. The hours for the bank holiday will appear as booked time off, so it will not impact your remaining hours. The remaining hours will show the time that is available for you to book.

Is the pay code list limited to only those available for Delt staff?

Yes, you will only see Pay codes that you are entitled to claim as per your terms & conditions.

Will the Payroll deadlines be the same as now?

There will still be deadlines to ensure that the information is received prior to the cut off date for Payroll, and anything received after that date would need to be actioned in the following month. Payroll deadlines will be communicated in advance by the Delt Payroll Team.

Are cost codes company specific?

No all cost codes will be viewable to all users of the system – however if you start to type the cost code, the list will reduce to make it easier to find the correct cost code.

Do we need to reduce by any home to work mileage from our claim, as now?

Please refer to your organisations policy.

Are expense claims separate for each day? Now we can claim for a whole month with lots of dates.

Yes, you can enter in a monthly expense claim for the whole month with individual daily expenses within the same overall claim.

Is there a facility to upload evidence with the request? e.g. medical appointment letter.

Yes, but this is dependent on the modules your company has purchased. If you have purchased the document module then you will have access, if not then no you will not be able to upload documentation.

In Schools if a member of staff needs some time off for an appointment we can add here?

Yes however, this will need to be discussed with your Business Manager/Manager/HR so that you can understand how your company will be using CoreHR.

Will the pay code only include those available to our Organisation or will it include everyone's?

These pay codes should be restricted by T&C’s within your Organisation. So you will only see those relevant to you.

How will our staff know the correct cost centre for their claim?

Each employee will have their own Home Cost Centre, which the system will know. If you need to cost to another cost centre, and you do not have the information, you should speak to your own inhouse managers/HR Team etc.

Will all employee's be choosing what their overtime will be paid at? i.e. 1.0 and 1.25.

If employees are inputting their own overtime then they will be putting it against the rate (for example 1.0 or 1.25 etc). This is then approved before it will be sent to Payroll to be paid, so there is an opportunity for the claim to be checked and potentially rejected if an employee has input the hours at an incorrect rate. However, you should always aim to input in line with your T&C’s.

Will the claim be authorised by the line manager (as per the manager spreadsheet) or is there a way that we can field this to HR to check before actioned by payroll?

Each company will be using CoreHR in slightly different ways, generally, if completing in direct input mode, an employee will enter the claim, and the manager/hr admin will authorise, some users will have proxy access so that several types of managers can access this information. Please speak to your own HR support to understand this fully.


I am not receiving notifications for Annual Leave or Expenses.

Please ensure that you have access to the correct employees, if you do not, please raise a request via Delt Service Now, or contact the HR Systems Team.

Is there the ability to use/take a photo instead of uploading documents? For example receipts, a signed HR file, or New Starter checklist.

Yes, you are able to take a photo of these documents and upload that rather than uploading a PDF, for example.

In My People will we see people that report directly to us only or people that report to team leads as well so we can see whole team?

You will see your direct reports, but you will also have access to your indirect reports. The indirect reports will not show immediately in the My People Widget. For further details, please view the ‘My People’ Manual.

In Team Scheduler do we see the whole team (direct reports and staff that report to direct reports)?

You cannot see the indirect reports in the Team Scheduler.

Does the employee add their annual leave request not the manager?

Yes, if Annual Leave is being managed in CoreHR by your organisation, then employees will record their own annual leave. If it is ever the case that an employee is unable to add their own leave, it is possible for a manager to add it on their behalf.

Will future dated leave already approved in iTrent be migrated as approved leave?

The annual leave should be migrated from iTrent into CoreHR. We will be asking employees to check the annual leave in the system when it goes live so they can confirm everything is correct.

Can the project code be added if overtime is being claimed for a specific piece of work?

No. There isn’t a specific area within the timesheet for Project Code however the Home Cost Centre can be amended.

Do you need to type 'approved' as well as approving overtime?

The comment box when you approve hours isn’t mandatory so you don’t need to type it into the box. However, if you are rejecting the hours it is best practice to add a comment as to why the hours are rejected.

If overtime claims are submitted for some time in the past, do we need to know the week of the claim to find it and sign-off?

The unconfirmed hours widget will show the date of the claim, so once you enter into the timesheet you can navigate to this date to sign it off.

Will the status of Manager Requests be updated after the task is completed?

This will be dependent on the type of Manager Request.

What's the difference between Unconfirmed Hours and Employee Time Claim Status Widget?

Unconfirmed Hours is to show the Manager which hours need to be approved and signed off prior to Payroll Cut off Date. Employee Time Claim Status gives the manager a view of all of their directly reporting employees Claims.

What happens when an employee goes sick but has already booked a holiday? Does that generate a query that we need to remove the absence?

The system doesn’t actually allow an overlap of sick and leave. So you will get an error message. You will need to end the leave period before being able to record the period of sickness.

With Teachers and support staff (term time only) will the annual leave module be able to be 'blocked out'? As these staff are not entitled to annual leave.

There will be no annual leave pay codes available to those types of T&C’s, however other applicable leave requests will be available e.g. compassionate leave.

Will individual employee's be able to edit their own individual working pattern (affecting annual leave and sickness entitlement) or will this only be accessible for line managers?

No – this will be the responsibility of the managers/administrators.

If an employee is changing job role and grade as well as hours, is this done in CoreHR?

Starters, leavers and movers forms will still be used to capture this type of information. Therefore the changing job role would be captured through the use of paper/emails forms.

Can the employee request their own absence, e.g. hospital appt, funeral? Would the manager then get a notification to approve?

Yes dependent on how CoreHR is configured for your Organisation.

As a Manager I have different employees who may be paid at different times of the month, so when Approving and Signing Off Claims, how do I ensure that I am on the right calendar?

You will need to know the correct Payroll Cut off Dates for each of your employees and then ensure you select the correct calendar from the drop down list in the Sign Off area of CoreHR – Please see Timesheet Sign Off Manual.

What if I don't have a post code e.g. using car to drive around local area to look for a pupil?

We advise that all staff use postcodes, however your manager will be signing this claim off, so it is down to their discretion.

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