Leadership Team

Kim Brown – Non-Executive Director

Kim Brown – Non Executive Director

Kim has more than 20 years’ experience in the public sector, including working in three London Boroughs prior to joining Plymouth City Council as the Service Director for HR & Organisational Development.

Kim is experienced in driving and delivering change, leading and managing high performing teams, building successful operations and relationships with internal and external stakeholders across complex organisations and services.

Dean Cooper – Chief Technical Officer

Dean Cooper – Chief Technical Officer

Dean is passionate about technology with an even stronger passion for people. He has enjoyed a varied career wearing multiple hats within organisations across most market sectors. Inquisitive by nature and always willing to “get stuck in”, Dean has sat in most seats within the IT sector from support, projects, architecture, leadership and consulting. Dean excitedly succeeds in simplifying and innovating where others have struggled. Dean brings extra value, having transformed brands such as Novartis, GSK, Discovery Channel, Primark, The Crown Estate,  but ultimately, his most rewarding work was providing services to the Healthcare and Senior Living sectors because he can directly have a major and positive impact on people’s lives.

Dean is moving from outside Windsor to Devon with his wife, son, fluffy dog, mischievous cats and baby daughter to enjoy the beautiful scenery and lifestyle. He is aiming to  continue having a positive impact for the families and organisations in the area.

If Dean had a personal slogan, it would be “But do we really need to? Couldn’t we try this?”. This is due to his belief in interaction with others and an open forum to look for opportunities to do something truly outstanding and valued.

Dean has a passion for continuous improvement which had seen him study Tai Chi, Body language, building arcade machines and even break dancing. Most recently, Dean published his first children’s book to help his son overcome his fear of monsters and the dark.

Gary Pettitt – Chief Project Officer

Gary Pettitt – Chief Project Officer

Gary joined Delt in Sep 2019 after a 38-year career in the Royal Navy, the last 10 in senior leadership roles. He has experience working in a range of organisations at various scales and in different countries around the world. He has captained ships, was the Deputy Naval Base Commander in Devonport and chaired the Board of Trustees for a local charity in Plymouth. Before joining Delt, Gary was Director of Sea Training for the Royal Navy of Oman.

A collaborative leader and a strong advocate of working hard to help every team member reach their potential, Gary believes in empowering people and giving every person in an organisation the opportunity to innovate and drive change.

A proud Scotsman, Gary has lived a great deal of his life with his wife in Plymouth, his two children were educated in, and now work in, Plymouth and he aspires to be an honorary ‘janner’.

Delt’s public sector ownership coupled with its private sector agility, a clear mandate to contribute to the local economy and a dynamic and ambitious growth strategy match Gary’s desire to work in a challenging environment whilst continuing to add value to the public sector.

Paul Jones – Chief Information Officer

Delt Shared Services Paul Jones Image

Paul Jones – Chief Information Officer

Originally from North Wales, Paul moved down to Plympton in 1998 with his Cornish wife having spent ten years in the Royal Air Force. His family has since grown with two children and a dog which keep him very active, as well as his passion for playing football and sea kayaking (including fishing). His career has largely been spent in IT, starting out in technical roles before making the decision many years ago to move into IT leadership. Paul has worked in a number of industries in both the private and public sector over the years with responsibility for Infrastructure, Application, Client and Operations management. He prides himself on being a team player, helping people to develop, delivering positive outcomes for clients and continually challenging the “status quo” to improve.

Paul joined Delt in July 2017 as it offered him an exciting opportunity to join a growing organisation where he could help the team achieve positive outcomes and make a real difference for people in the South West.

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Damean Miller – Chief Services Officer

Delt Shared Services Damean Miller Image

Damean Miller – Chief Services Officer

Damean has a wide industry background, spending many years at a Senior Leadership level in IT Service Delivery and Manufacturing, in both Public and Private sector. He has strong people skills which ideally places him to lead on a number of Delt’s services, including Payroll, Procurement, Print and Mail and Estates Management.

When not working, Damean loves getting out there and living his life to the full, which supports all the varied hobbies he participates in. This includes Scouting, Off Roading and shooting, but by far his favourite hobby is kayaking and canoeing. He is a UKCC coach and can be found in and around the waters of Plymouth Sound 3 – 4 times a week. He is happily married with two adult children.

Jane White – Chief People and Culture Officer

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Jane White – Chief People and Culture Officer

After being born in the UK and raised in Canada, Jane finally came to her senses and returned home to Cornwall in 2014. She has spent the last 15 years working in organisational development roles in both the private and public sector where she has overseen the development of a number of transformational talent management strategies that have led to engaging, inspiring and high performing cultures.

Jane joined Delt in August 2017 and brings a passion and commitment to building collaborative working relationships that value and leverage the strengths of others. She is looking forward to contributing to the positive impact that Delt is having on the people of the South West.

When not at Delt, she lives in Cornwall with her husband and they love to spend their time with family, walking the coastal path and exploring the South West.

Giles Letheren – Chief Executive Officer

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Giles Letheren – Chief Executive Officer

Husband, father, IT guy, magician, hypnotist, dragster driver: Giles came to Delt in January 2015 after a varied career that started in theatre and television but turned into management consultancy and IT leadership on both sides of the Atlantic. Giles has been CIO for the MoDs US operations, both Head of Transformation Communications and Change and Head of Solution Delivery for Babcock International.

Giles lives in North Cornwall with one wife, two children, four and a bit rabbits, two dogs, at least three cats, a hamster, many chickens and an ever increasing zoo of other fluffy carbon based life forms that seem to turn up when he isn’t looking. When not being passionate about delivering the opportunities presented by Delt, Giles is usually found building or repairing things, tinkering with his custom motorcycle or wondering what this new animal is that just jumped onto his bed.

Giles came to Delt because of the opportunity to improve people’s lives in the South West and show that a public interest company could do things better, faster and cheaper.

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Nick Franklin – Senior Network Engineer & Staff Non-Executive Director

Nick Franklin – Senior Network Engineer & Staff Non-Executive Director

Nick’s career has taken him from blue chip multinationals to small businesses, from supporting users to teaching Cisco, from pearl farming to network engineering and a good deal in between. Nick’s first experience of the public sector was joining Plymouth City Council in 2009 and promptly getting involved in the embryonic stages of setting up a new network with shared services in mind.

Nick believes passionately in community, public services, innovation and technology – and he enjoys having an active role in Delt as a member of the staff forum and as a non-executive director. Nick sees this as a great opportunity for staff to have an involvement in the running of Delt and to influence the style and substance of the organisation.

Nick moved to Devon from Brighton in 2008, loves the lifestyle in the South West and tries to indulge his hobbies as much as possible – surfing, climbing, walking, camping and generally enjoying being outdoors. Nick also plays drums and, of course, loves to geek-out.

Lorna Collingwood-Burke – Non-Executive Director

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Lorna Collingwood-Burke – Non-Executive Director

Lorna is the Chief Nursing Officer for the Devon CCG.  Lorna qualified as a nurse in 1982 at the Royal United Hospital School of Nursing, Bath and as a midwife in 1986 at the Peterborough School of Midwifery. She moved to Devon with her family in 1996 after returning from living and working in Canada for 10 years. She has experience in business management following the completion of an MBA at Exeter University in 2006.

Lorna has worked across both NHS provider and commissioner organisations and, in July 2014, she became the Chief Nursing Officer for NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon CCG. In April 2019 Lorna took on the same role for the new pan Devon CCG.

Lorna has been elected onto the national NHS Clinical Commissioner board as the board nurse and chairs the NHS Clinical Commissioner nurse forum.

Lorna is also the Caldicott Guardian for the two CCGs.

Mark Lewis – Independent Non-Executive Director

Mark Lewis – Independent Non-Executive Director

Mark fell in love with information technology while serving in the UK government in the 1980s. He was given computers of various sizes to play with, which made IT even more appealing to him.  Having qualified as lawyer, he decided to carve out a career in computer law, although it had not yet been invented as a legal discipline.  35 years later Mark is recognised as one of the UK’s leading technology lawyers, with sub-specialisations in IT and business process outsourcing, shared and managed services and the deployment of advanced technologies and computing models (including AI, RPA, digital transformation, cyber and cloud computing).

He is unusual in the legal world in representing both customers and providers in technology and outsourcing transactions, which has given him unparalleled perspectives on what motivates both sides in those transactions and has enabled him to help assemble some of the biggest and longest-lived outsourcing transactions in Europe.

Mark has been a senior partner in major UK and international law firms and has led their technology, intellectual property, outsourcing and commercial law practices.  Between 1997 and 2004 Mark co-founded and chaired the UK law firms associated with PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young. He also led their global IT, outsourcing and e-commerce law networks.

Mark has served as Chair and NED of one of Europe’s top technology and sourcing consultancies (Morgan Chambers plc, now integrated within KPMG), as well as having been a NED of a shared services provider in the UK higher education sector.

In December 2019, he was appointed a Visiting Professor in Practice in the Department of Law in the London School of Economics & Political Science.  His focus is on the legal, regulatory and social implications of advanced technologies.

Mark lives in London, but was attracted to Delt for its strategic role in the delivery of shared services to the public sector and its special business model, values and people.  And he remains attracted to Delt, despite having to catch the 0637 from Paddington to Plymouth for Board meetings.

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